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do you check all your devart messages? 

104 deviants said yes, every single one, but i don't respond to all of them
66 deviants said yes, every single one; i also respond to a lot of the messages (i thank people for favs, comment on all deviations, etc etc)
39 deviants said i read all my messages except journal entries - there are too many of those and they are often unimportant
29 deviants said i tend to skim over everything, responding when necessary
28 deviants said i read my messages/comments, but skim over deviations/journals
12 deviants said monkey
7 deviants said i only look out for specific messages (deviations from a specific artist, etc)
5 deviants said i spend little time in my messages; i don't have enough time/effort to spend on it

Devious Comments

As a subscriber I see the thumbs in my message center so I check only the deviations that interest me. I read all journals though (except for the artist lists etc.), as well as all the comments and such. But I only reply to comments if there is something to be responded. ("Nice." would be a comment I don't take my time to respond.) Still I visit every unknown commenter's gallery and leave a thank you note on their main page - and maybe counter-comment if his/her comment on my gallery was "good". I mean critique mostly.

I think it's a fair game. o.o
"yes, every single one; i also respond to a lot of the messages (i thank people for favs, comment on all deviations, etc etc) "

I just think that when people took the time to comment on my stuff then I can at least answet their comments or thank them for doing it ^_^ I also read the journals.. ya know.. to see how they're doing :)
Endelva Jul 27, 2004  Professional Photographer
Every single deviation is commented, even those I don't like, and I say what I like and what I don't. Every message replied, every fav thanked. :rose:
Yeah I respond to all of them, hehe.. ! I'm a very good girl ! ;)
slimjim136 Jul 27, 2004
354 is too many X|;;
Every single one.
I'm not at the point where I'm bombarded by comments...just deviations and journals.
spicylemon Jul 26, 2004
I usually respond to faves, though I tend to skip that when they've either added 10 more to their faves the same day- or favourited most of my gallery and THEN 10 more from other folks, or if they don't comment and only fave (pet peeve ;P ). I like to know why they think my stuff deserves a favourite.

I also check all of the journals. The only things I completely ignore are the 'hot topics' or whatever they're called XD
angelicmayuka12 Jul 26, 2004   Digital Artist
I tend to skip over journals usually, but I still reply to messages and thank people for faves and such.
Doomhammr Jul 26, 2004  Professional General Artist
hell yeah, i check every message i get and respond to all the ones that i deem warrant a response
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