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February 5, 2007
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deanne collab by loish deanne collab by loish
collab between me and *kitton! the lineart was drawn by her and the colors are by me. it's a page from one of her comic projects, featuring one of the main characters deanne, as seen here [link] . kat didn't know what she was gonna put in that top left panel so i left it blank, in case you're wondering what's up with that...

colored in photoshop 7 with a wacom tablet. i used the standard paintbrush tool with a low flow (i changed the flow depending on what effect i wanted, so it ranged from 3 to 20 throughout the process). textures from [link] . for tips on how to apply textures check [link] .
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bYsi Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2009   Interface Designer
muzski Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2008   Digital Artist
"Death to the 'FEET' people!"
Some folk hack me off too with smart observations that are very negative and serve no function at all.

I love your work, so there! :thumbsup: :santa: :D
Nextrockangel Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Really special. I am interested to see it finished.
MahoJo Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2007
love this, feel like im in an alley bar in havana, captures a strong latin energy, thanks for sharing
bubblez Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2007
I /love/ this piece. Your coloring is very amazing. course, I love the lineart also. I keep coming back to this drawing occasionally to look at it. it's really amazing.

I have a question though (I'm sure someone's already asked before). what was the main texture you used on this piece? It's precisely the texture that I'm looking for, though I visited the link you gave and I couldn't find it...unless I'm just blind. If you could give a direct link to the main texture you used for this, I would appreciate it very much. ^^
loish Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2007
thanks! i used a bunch of textures but i think the main one was [link]
bubblez Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2007
ah! thanks bunches :D It's perfect! just what I wanted
Catte Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2007  Student
Really nice, the colors and the clothes.
I love it


:star: Among the stars :star: ~> [link]
slumberdoll Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2007  Professional Photographer
Beautiful :heart:
waggabiggadoo Featured By Owner May 21, 2007
Seriously nice colors in the pic. The skirt is quite lovely and the head section too. I like the head section because of the shadows and the fact that shes holding the tube like that right in front of the sun.

Oh Id really like to see this in motion, Oh Yeah. And if the Linedrawer starts making realisticier bodies Id like a porno version too ;).
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